Saturday, April 18, 2015
Blue Stardust
Ben developed this inspiring Blue Stardust Glaze over a two-year period as he experimented extensively with matte-crystal-growth science. Ben uses his personal air-brush technique to apply up to six layers of specifically formulated glazes to achieve this alluring finish. The firing phase of glaze development takes place in a carefully planned and meticulously monitored firing process. Ben fires the kiln up, holding specific temperatures as the kiln climbs to the goal of 2300 degrees F. And then, he fires the kiln down with equal attention, as he stalls temperatures at specific levels to enhance cobalt crystal growth. Unlike the often-seen shiny crystalline pottery that several NC potters offer – Ben’s Stardust creation displays a matte crystal; subtle, understated, alluring, elegant. Finally pleased with the outcome of his Blue Stardust Glaze development in 2012, Ben began selling the Blue Stardust Glaze to customers in his Seagrove area pottery shop. In fact, the name Stardust came from a client who worked as a scientist with the Hubble Space Telescope. She commented that the glaze reminded her of actual stardust. The glaze did not yet have an official name . . . until then!
Melon Pear Vase 9" tall

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